Anonymous said: is tim actually blind in one eye?


All I know is that he’s not much of a marksman.


Too perfect.

tu-tu, you cad

Straight privilege is being able to say “I’m going to watch something serious now” and actually doing it instead of getting distracted by Teen Mom.

The nice thing about this song is that you can take your headphones off to talk to coworkers for a solid four minutes and this song is still playing when you get back to it.

Ken continues his reign as the internet’s best person.

Ken continues his reign as the internet’s best person.

Instead of posting on missed connections, because that would be weird and it feels gross, here is a story from lunch.

I went to lunch. At the store there was an attractive man who seemed to be “my type” and looked very nice and kind, etc. Like I was “into it.”

As I walked past him, he very clearly looked at me, checked me out and smiled. I, being unused to this kind of attention (and tired and generally oblivious), panicked. Quick, react to him, I thought. My brain decided to FUCKING FROWN AT HIM. I could feel the wires crossing/gears grinding/soot exploding inside my head.

He looked hurt and walked away.

making a peach crisp

agonizing about whether or not to buy a house that has crazy/juggalo neighbors

too lazy/self-centered to be gay

having a lot of bad thoughts lately

naive girl, unaware of surroundings, fancy bitch w/ baditude

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